Roll all the Zocchi dice, refresh to reroll

Made for Dungeon Crawl Classics and specifically the Metal Gods of Ur-hadad zine from From Kickassistan. This rolls all the dice and also detects any 666 results and rolls the d30 for you. Character stats are rolled as the gods intended

d3 Roll:2

d4 Roll:2
d5 Roll:2

d6 Roll:1
d7 Roll:6

d8 Roll:7
d10 Roll:3

d12 Roll:10
d14 Roll:4

d16 Roll:13
d20 Roll:11

d24 Roll:15
d30 Roll:25

d11 Roll: 4 !

Character stat roller

Str: 14
Agi: 10
Sta: 9
Per: 11
Int: 11
Luc: 5

Uses true random numbers generated from atmospheric data thanks to!

Don't forget to die in the dungeon!