Ugh this game is awful. I have tried a few ideas and I am having a hell of a time making anything fun out of this concept. I think I am going to have to shelve it for a bit and just work on something fun for a while to keep my spirits up on this.

I have been learning a ton though, I’m glad I set out on this project. The monster manual idea just may have not been a good one at this point. I am okay admitting that. I may pick it up again later but right now I think I’m going to focus on coming up with a fun idea first and worry about the theme later.

I will post back again once I come up with something. I am going to work a little more on learning the tools and think of something on the way.

Work work


This is a prototype I have so far.

I think I have an idea that will work well enough. I had a different idea for how to make the game that wasn’t as good and I ended up scrapping. I have been going through a lot of different development environments and changing my mind. I was working a lot with Flashpunk but I couldn’t figure out how to import maps from OGMO so I put that aside for the moment. I just want to get this one made so I can move onto the next project so I decided to go with Stencyl to make the game.

I have learned a lot working on this so far but I don’t have a whole lot to show for it. I should be able to get something out by this weekend though and I will be happy to be through with it. Stencyl is pretty fun to mess around with. It is sometimes a pain getting it to do what you want, then again so is code. Anyway I should have something done soon, but its definitely going to be awful. The theme of this whole project is quantity over quality. Lets hope it does some good.

Getting started


So the first monster in the book is the Aerial Servant. Its pretty lame.

The Aerial servant is basically an invisible flying creature with no discernible anatomy. Its main abilities are that it is invisible, it can fly, and it can grab things. Clerics can summon them to fetch things for them. If it gets really annoyed it might get really strong and attack the cleric that summoned it.

There are a lot of monsters in the book that really inspire game ideas, and this isn’t one of them. However I don’t want to set a precedent for skipping creatures I don’t like this early on so I am determined to make something of it. It will probably be crap but once I get this one done I can move on. I guess I will see what comes of it. I have some brainstorming to do.

Oh and I think I am going to use flashpunk for this. I have been doing the stanford java class that they put online for a while, and while I can make games in java I would need to find a bunch of libraries to make it not be a pain in the ass. Java will be useful if I start using Unity but I don’t want to delve into that just yet. The nice thing about flashpunk is that its made for games so a lot of the stuff I would need it already coded in, and actionscript seems to be similar enough to java that I won’t have to worry about it too much. If it doesn’t work I can just pull out game maker as the old standby but this whole project is about learning new things, so I will see how it goes.

Hi there!

Hi I’m Ian!

I want to make games. I’m going to start doing that and posting it here. I have done a lot of tutorials and experimented with various things but I think its time to actually start making stuff and putting it out even if it’s garbage. This blog is intended to motivate me to keep making games and posting them, and to catalog my progress as I hopefully get better at it.

My plan for now is to try to put something out, even something crappy about every week or so. I figure that as long as I keep making things I will get better. I am tired of just tinkering around with things but never finishing anything. So I had an idea to get me started. Instead of focusing on a project for a game I am really into I am going to try to make a bunch of small games.  By making a lot of games that I don’t really care much about I don’t need to worry about making something good and I can focus on trying new things.

To get inspiration for these games I got the idea to take the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual that I had lying around and go through the monsters in it from A to Z and make a game about each monster. I think it will be fun. I intend to make a lot of really weird stuff and post about my progress here.

I will post again later about the first game. Until then, thanks for reading, and I will think of a good sign off at some point.