Garden Pinball A pinball table made for Ludum Dare 34. The themes were Growing and 2 buttons. Had some team members drop out so I didn’t get to explore the growing mechanic as much as I wanted but made a fun pinball table considering the time I had.



Slam Mosh pit simulator made for the Dallas Society of Play Arcade. Another jam game, the goal is to keep yourself in the spotlight as long as possible while knocking your opponents out.


Dunk Souls A giant robot is attacking something, you can only save it through dunks. This was made for Ludum Dare and became basically unbeatable on the last day so don’t expect to win.


Spooky Slappers My spookiest game yet! Made for a halloween game jam. Don’t get too scared!


Submarine Playground Play around with a submarine! A submarine that happens to be able to jump out of the water 100 feet in the air!


The Bridge Hate your enemy as you hate yourself!
2 player physics fighting game.


Tub Troopers Real-time strategy rubber duck violence. Made for Newgrounds Game Jam 9.


Pota-do 2 player zen strategy combat. Made for Ludum Dare 26.


Strumb Experimental autorunning music game made for one game a month Feburary.


Tanks A Lot 2 Player Tank Arena game, made with @attrition for one game a month January.

tankslogo (1)

Battleship Texas Ludum Dare 25 entry. A game about Texas.


Legacy of the Cavemen Ludum Dare 24 entry. A game about the history of human evolution. Really dumb.


W.A.R.T.H.O.G. My first released game.


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