Web Projects

Some web projects I have made for fun, some of them are more interesting then others.

Conway’s Game of Life. A classic programming exercise. I was bored on a layover one day and decided to write an implementation of Conway’s game of life on notebook paper. I was pretty happy when it actually all worked when I typed it all in at home.

Luchador Mask Generator. Made as an intro to a luchador roguelike I plan to make some day. It generates the description for a wrestling mask. The colors it uses are pulled form a crayola color library so if you are so inclined you can color your own mask on paper. My favorite part was implementing the perceptive luminescence values on the color displays. Basically the code decides if font would be more readable if the font was colored with a black background, or if the background was colored with white font. Its based on human eye biases and weighted so that certain colors count as being darker or lighter than they actually are.

Fistfull of Zocchi Dice. This is a very specific tool I made. Its for a zine published about an RPG called Dungeon Crawl Classics. The idea is that in the zine there are tables in which you generate a city by rolling every type of die you have, and it assumes you have a lot of weird dice. I found this to be a little tedious so I made a tool to roll it all for me. However we all know that the RNG in our computers isn’t truly random and therefore no substitute for real dice. That’s why I implemented the true random number generator api from random.org which uses atmospheric data readings to generate proven true random numbers. I only have limited uses per day with them however so it backs up to just use the computers RNG if it runs out of use tokens.

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