Ludum Dare 24

My first completed game jam!

Its a pretty awful game. I had to work most of the weekend that it was going on so I didn’t have a lot of time. I have also been recovering from tendonitis in my wrists so typing is difficult. I used stencyl to try to speed up the process and avoid a lot of typing out code. It worked out alright, stencyl is strange. I had to do some really dirty hacks to get the hit detection working the way I wanted and I am still not sure why those hacks worked but I couldn’t find a way around it.

I was able to finish everything I intended to though, I think the experience with the last couple of game jams I did taught me about scope, I knew I only had a day to do it so I scoped down a lot. Oh yeah I forgot to post about the super friendship club game pageant. Once I get some time I will write a post about that and link the unfinished game I worked on for that one.

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