Hi there!

Hi I’m Ian!

I want to make games. I’m going to start doing that and posting it here. I have done a lot of tutorials and experimented with various things but I think its time to actually start making stuff and putting it out even if it’s garbage. This blog is intended to motivate me to keep making games and posting them, and to catalog my progress as I hopefully get better at it.

My plan for now is to try to put something out, even something crappy about every week or so. I figure that as long as I keep making things I will get better. I am tired of just tinkering around with things but never finishing anything. So I had an idea to get me started. Instead of focusing on a project for a game I am really into I am going to try to make a bunch of small games.  By making a lot of games that I don’t really care much about I don’t need to worry about making something good and I can focus on trying new things.

To get inspiration for these games I got the idea to take the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Monster Manual that I had lying around and go through the monsters in it from A to Z and make a game about each monster. I think it will be fun. I intend to make a lot of really weird stuff and post about my progress here.

I will post again later about the first game. Until then, thanks for reading, and I will think of a good sign off at some point.

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