2 Year retrospective

Finally finished this series of posts looking back at what I have done since I started this whole thing. Its been interesting going back and seeing all the projects I have done, and given up on, and wanted to do more of. Its really got me thinking about where to go next.

If you want to start from the beginning of the retrospective it all starts here .

I’ll say that my main goal for now is firstly to finish up PAID. I have spent a lot longer on this project than I think it shows, and honestly have spent most of that time being really sick of working on it. I think its just about ready though, I just need to make a few more levels and put a bow on it and call it done.

I really want to get back in the habit of producing content more regularly. I may try going back to doing one game a month, at least doing a weekend game once a month. And I want to start being more social, posting here, interacting on twitter, taking more screenshots, and looking more at what other people are doing. I have been living a little too much in a bubble and I think I could be growing a lot more as a developer if I put a stop to that.

I’d like to revisit some old games that I abandoned, especially Dungeon Fling. But that has always proven to be dangerous territory, there is usually a reason that those projects didn’t work out.

Anyway, if you are reading this than I thank you. I can’t imagine any of this is that interesting. I am really pushing myself to write this much, but I think its a good thing to do. I’ll try to hold myself accountable to do it a lot more.

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