The Bridge: Ludum Dare 28


The bridge was my first real shot at doing 3D games. I had tinkered around a bit with unity but never really understood how everything worked together. I chose to use playcanvas because the developers had put up a deal that gave out a year of the pro version for free if you used it for a ludum dare game. I found that the documentation was pretty well done, and it was a lot more accessible at first than unity was.

The theme for the jam was “You only get one”. My original idea was to make a game about mosh pits, trying to jump and slam around without destroying your (only one) brain. I spent the whole first day trying to figure out 3D, and I had a block jumping around but to make it really work I wanted to get socket joints for some light ragdoll physics happening. I wasn’t getting very far with it so I decided to cut back the scope a lot and The Bridge is what came of it. The scope worked out really well and I’m satisfied with the result. It really sparked my interest in developing 3D physics games.