Dysdoughpia: Ludum Dare 27

After the awesome experience with the last Newgrounds Game Jam, I decided to get the same team together to do a Ludum Dare. The theme was 10 seconds. I had been working a pizza delivery job and I thought it would be cool to have the game be about delivering pizza in a short amount of time. We decided on a faux retro NES style game about a dystopian future in which pizza is a valuable commodity and the ouside radiation makes any food outside go bad in 10 seconds.

The jam went pretty well. Looking back however, this game was awful. We actually have been working on it off and on since then up until the time of this posting, and I hadn’t realized how far it had come until I played the jam entry right now. I’ll get back to more of the current game in a later post, but this was the start of the biggest project I have worked on to date.