Dungeon Fling. Best unfinished game.

I really would like to get around to finishing this one. I could never get the graphics a way I like and now going back the code is really bad so I’d want to start over.

Dungeon fling is an unfinished, un-published game I worked on for some time.


The game is part dungeon crawler, part minigolf. The player shoots their adventurer-disc around the dungeon trying to reach the stairs down to the next level. There are 3 classes with their own abilities, 4 different stats, and an item system that the player could use to get through the levels alive. I had a lot of fun with the design of this game, and playtesters seemed to enjoy it. I think the thing that got in the way was yet again art, and I just got burnt out on it I think.

This is one that I really need to revisit.