Battleship Texas, Second Ludum Dare

Between this Ludum Dare and the last I didn’t really get much done. I think I tinkered around with a lot of projects but I couldn’t really get anything off the ground. I was mostly getting de-motivated by failing to do the warthog sequel.

Anyway Battleship Texas was one of my better jam games at the time. It combined humor with a little bit of actual gameplay. It scored pretty well in humor, #32 out of 1327. Legacy of the Cavemen actually did better in humor coming in at #19 out of 1406. I again did all the audio with a guitar and my mouth and I really liked how that turned out. I really got the full game jam experience out of this game, especially in that I restarted the whole project 3 times in the weekend.

This is one of the jam games I’m most proud of, and I have actually met someone in real life that knew my game before ever meeting me, and that was pretty cool.