WARTHOG Sequel?!



Warthog is so cool.

I didn’t know quite where to put this post. I have tried making this game a few times and it never gets very far. I always get stuck making the backgrounds for the first level. I just made that sprite so cool I have a hard time making the rest of the graphics good enough.

I’d like to make it someday, I think the design is solid enough. Its a 2D platformer and the idea is that warthog is a pacifist so he doesnt directly kill any of the enemies, the anthropomorphic bugs that have infested the planet he is on. Instead his gun does a variety of non-lethal attacks that stop enemies and help him get through the level. He would have a teleport gun that swaps his position with whatever he hits. He would have a freeze gun that trapped enemies into solid blocks that could be used as platforms to hold down buttons, or get him to higher places. There were a few more ideas that I don’t remember right now.

I learned from this game that I should probably not tell everyone about this great game I’m working on until it has a chance of actually becoming a thing.