Work work


This is a prototype I have so far.

I think I have an idea that will work well enough. I had a different idea for how to make the game that wasn’t as good and I ended up scrapping. I have been going through a lot of different development environments and changing my mind. I was working a lot with Flashpunk but I couldn’t figure out how to import maps from OGMO so I put that aside for the moment. I just want to get this one made so I can move onto the next project so I decided to go with Stencyl to make the game.

I have learned a lot working on this so far but I don’t have a whole lot to show for it. I should be able to get something out by this weekend though and I will be happy to be through with it. Stencyl is pretty fun to mess around with. It is sometimes a pain getting it to do what you want, then again so is code. Anyway I should have something done soon, but its definitely going to be awful. The theme of this whole project is quantity over quality. Lets hope it does some good.

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