Just released my latest game!

It has been an interesting experiment. The theme for this month’s 1GAM was sound. I wanted to make a game that was all about creating music during play. In this game, all the guitar stings will play notes whenever there is an object on them. The notes change as the player picks up chords. If the player picks up a G chord, all the strings will change their notes to G major. The chords are also how the player gets points. To give the game some challenge, there are fingers that are randomly placed on the strings, these will damage the player and break combos.
Combos are built up by getting multiple chords in a short time. Combos will build up a multiplier that increases the score gained from picking up notes. Notes also build up a solo meter which, when activated, will play different notes and extend the combo.

I’m not sure how well this game will do but I’m happy to have put it out. I’m very ready to start on a new project. I will do a post-mortem for the game in a few weeks after I see how it is received by players.


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